Saturday, April 15, 2006

I Love When Companies Have A Sense of Humor

VMWare recently announced a phenomenal virtual machine tool. They call it VM Player and it allows you to run any virtual machine definition without needing to own VMWare Workstation or either server product. It simply runs the image files. Obviously, you cannot create virtual machine images, much like you can only view QuickTime movies with the player. If you want to make your own movies, you need to buy the development app. It works not only for VMWare images but also Microsoft Virtual PC, Workstation and Server products.

With the rollout they had links on their site to other companies who had created virtual machine images to run with the Player.

Red Hat Linux is one of the companies that offer pre-made builds of their systems. As I was poking around, I got a little lost on the site. I received a Bad Dog message from the Red Hat site. It listed all the possible causes of my error. Check out the final possible cause of my problem:

funny redhat
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