Sunday, April 16, 2006

Now Discover Your Strengths

Tanya and I are reading a book together. It's called Now, Discover Your Strengths. Its thesis is that in American culture, and corporate HR culture in particular, we tend to focus on identifying and rectifying performance deficiencies. The authors argue that we are better off by understanding our strengths and capitalizing on them while only paying passing attention to what we are weak in. They believe that millions of training dollars are wasted on trying to build capabilities into people that they don't innately possess instead of helping people reinforce their strengths.

It's a thesis I deeply believe in. When I do public speaking coaching, I tell people to focus on what they already do well. If you focus too much on not doing things that are bad, then your presentation becomes more about not doing something than in releasing yourself to the audience so that they see you as well as your topic.

The book includes a strengths assessment provided by Gallup. My results are described below:

[click to enlarge]
Strength Summary 10

Strength Summary 15

Strength Summary 12

Strength Summary 13

Strength Summary 14

Strength Summary 11