Wednesday, April 19, 2006

This Is A Truly Wonderful Open Source Indictment

For at least the past three years, I've heard numerous rants from some of my friends and online contacts about how insecure IE is and how inherently secure FireFox is. I've debated with them with a bias not toward defending Microsoft but with a bias toward security that is platform indifferent. I won't rehash my arguments here because you can Google Blog search my blog and find those articles yourself.

In this incredible news item, Mozilla users are urged to upgrade their early-model versions of FireFox and Mozilla derivatives because they have significant security weaknesses that can be exploited.
Users have been urged to upgrade to the latest versions of Mozilla's software to protect themselves from a series of critical security holes.

The Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) warned on Monday that earlier versions of Firefox, and other Mozilla software based on Firefox code, contain a clutch of vulnerabilities that expose users to attack.

The Mozilla Foundation released a new version of Firefox last week, version, which it said contained fixes for several security flaws.

According to security firm Secunia, there are a total of 21 flaws in the older versions of Firefox, such as Firefox 1.5, some of which it described as critical.
How utterly humiliating for all the people who have arrogantly mocked IE users and Windows advocates on slashdot and IT news boards that their browser was clearly more secure than IE. All their arguments have been completely undermined. Now all they have left is, "Yeah? Well, my browser has better functionality than your browser does!"

I have this glowing, warm feeling inside right now. Vindication feels wonderful. It's a beautiful day.